La pareja ideal

RelationshipsI mentioned in a previous post that we have been doing a lot at school to ensure that our schemes of work address the requirements of teaching about Life in Modern Britain. The attached resources focus on the language needed to describe friends but also an ideal partner. In working towards this students are presented with two gay characters from the old Antena 3 series Física o Química. We then go on to describe an ideal partner. The worksheet is put together using the gender neutral term “pareja” albeit grammatically it is feminine.

POWERPOINT: Year 10 RELATIONSHIPS   WORKSHEETS: La pareja ideal READING higher Mi mejor amigo READING

El incivismo en Barcelona

vestirseI am about to do some work on issues relating to anti-social behaviour in order to prepare my A2 Spanish group for a past paper discursive essay on how to make good citizens. A large part of the resources I will use come from (the section on Law and Order) as well as from the AQA Spanish book pages 66-67. My resource attached here is a small introduction to issues raised in Barcelona in relation to this topic area.


El medio ambiente

original_171217_8p0NibTi0EthiJkAPzbEaeMzUThis is just a quick post of some resources I put together for a lower ability Year 11 group on the topic of the environment. I have posted some of these resources before, but I have updated quite a few things. Although the presentation is for a lower ability set, some of the resources below are differentiated for more able students.

POWERPOINT: L6 Los problemas del medio ambiente PRESENTATION OF VOCAB foundation version NEW WORKSHEETS: L6 CARD ACTIVITY IN PAIRS Creo que puedo reciclar mucho más FOUNDATION L6 El medio ambiente en España CRISSCROSS L6 problemas FOUNDATION L6 Qué opinas FOUNDATION L6 Qué opinas HIGHER L6 STARTER spiral L6 THINKING SKILLS ACTIVITY card activity L6 TRANSCRIPT to hay etc listening L6 VERBOS El medio ambiente en España CRISSCROSS L6 Who is more environmentally friendly FOUNDATION L6 Who is more environmentally friendly HIGHER

Life in Modern Britain

SCLogoWe have been doing a lot of work mapping Life in Modern Britain across the curriculum and ensuring that the school is promoting values of democracy, rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs. As a Stonewall Champion School a lot of work has been going into combatting homophobia and ensuring that this too is embedded in the curriculum. An example of this work is attached in a resource teaching about family and possessive adjectives. The exercise on possessive adjectives presents families in various forms. As we develop more resources at school I will share them.


La aldea global

La globalizaciónThis set of resources relates to a discursive essay title from a past A level exam on the topic of globalisation. There are two videos which I have embedded into the PowerPoint. The first is simply a set of images + the students use this to explain what globalisation is. The second video is of a student explaining globalisation. The students should summarise what he says in English. This is followed by some reading tasks before you finally come to the essay which students do for homework.

POWERPOINT: la globalización POWERPOINT  WORKSHEET: READING La McDonalización de la sociedad

La tecnología – opiniones

3_riesgos_chico_ordenadorThe attached resources aim to develop students’ ability to consider the advantages and disadvantages of different forms of technology. I will be using this with a Year 10 GCSE group shortly. Some of the material in this post is developed from resources I found online. Slide 5 has a reading task which I have adapted heavily from a worksheet that was posted on the TES resources website – I think! THANKS to whoever it was that produced the resource. This also applies to slides 8-28 which I have taken from a PowerPoint posted online. Again I have adapted the language.

For those of us in England parts of this resource support the promotion of British values (Life in Modern Britain) which has become something of a focus for Ofsted. The PowerPoint draws attention to the minimum age to be on Facebook (13 in the UK) as well as other aspects of e-safety.

POWERPOINTTecnología OPINIONES   RESOURCESCRUCIGRAMA positivo o negativo + READING READING beneficios riesgos de la tecnología READING tecnología DE ACUERDO O NO DE ACUERDO Thinking Skills CARD ACTIVITY higher version

La monarquía

GOBIERNOA quick post of a few resources I’ve put together on politics and monarchy. It all relates to a past paper discursive essay title. I start off with politics in general + get the students to come up with their own political parties and policies. From this we look at Spain and the country’s political system.

Apologies for not posting much recently. It has been a busy few weeks!

POWERPOINT: MONARQUIA Y GOBIERNO  WORKSHEETS: a favor en contra de la monarquía TO BE CLASSIFIED a favor en contra de la monarquía