La monarquía

GOBIERNOA quick post of a few resources I’ve put together on politics and monarchy. It all relates to a past paper discursive essay title. I start off with politics in general + get the students to come up with their own political parties and policies. From this we look at Spain and the country’s political system.

Apologies for not posting much recently. It has been a busy few weeks!

POWERPOINT: MONARQUIA Y GOBIERNO  WORKSHEETS: a favor en contra de la monarquía TO BE CLASSIFIED a favor en contra de la monarquía

Una dieta sana

1313577155BodegondivertidoThe attached resources are aimed at getting students to give higher level responses to a question asking about their diet. I want them to use an authentic text in order to pick out which vitamins, etc. are in food and how these are beneficial to your health. The PowerPoint includes an advert from Panama which is very difficult but you can pick out certain key words for the students. It’s partly an excuse to remind my group that Spanish is a world language. Overall my idea was to challenge the group to produce responses which are varied and containing an interesting range of language. I used this last week and it seemed to work!

POWERPOINT:La salud DIETA SANA NEW    WORKSHEETS: Connectives REFERENCE SHEET DEBERES Debo no debo SCAN authentic text VITAMINS etc Una dieta saludable WORKSHEET Higher version Vida sana o vida malsana


Mi barrio

PamplonaThe attached resources are ones I have made to finish off the topic of “Mi barrio”. We are to focus now on how we could improve our part of London. Before doing this we look at how to say what is good and bad about where we live and I use Pamplona, Navarre, in order to talk a bit about this city and also to bore my group with the fact that I used to live there. Hopefully the resources are self-explanatory + hopefully of use to some other people.

Please let me know if you use any of these resources. It’s always nice to know!

POWERPOINT: Cómo mejorar mi barrio   WORKSHEETS: Mi barrio EXTENSION READING what is needed Reading ENTREVISTA plenary style Un barrio con problemas READINGmegusta_color

La canción del verano

canción-del-verano-2014As the summer holiday draws to a close, I’m posting a resource about “la canción del verano“. I will be teaching this as a little diversion when covering the A level research essay. We will be studying the film ¡Ay, Carmela! by Carlos Saura and when looking at the song Mi Jaca we will take a bit of time to reflect on the popularity of this piece of music through time. We will listen to the Chaval de la Peca version and then look at “la canción del verano” in more general terms. I have attached the whole PowerPoint but you may prefer to cut out the Mi Jaca bits if you prefer.

POWERPOINT: La canción del verano     WORKSHEET: La canción del verano

♫♫♫ Soy feliz ♫♫♫

FELIZIn a few weeks the AS Spanish group will return following their exams. In one of the first lessons back I am going to work on the topic of well-being. The attached resources focus on a report in which the happiest countries in the world are revealed and I am also looking into what constitutes happiness. I move on to discuss whether happiness promotes productivity at work and then whether rumours and gossip in the workplace have the opposite effect. I have added in some exercises on the verb COSTAR as well as revision of key “gentilicios”. In slide 23 I draw attention to the use of the subjunctive, but this can be deleted if not appropriate. Predictably all of this starts with Pharrell Williams to get everyone in a happy, productive mood!

POWERPOINT: LA FELICIDAD   WORKSHEETS: El nuevo mapa de la felicidad AQA PAST PAPER QUESTION Los rumores envenenan el funcionamiento de las empresas READING la felicidad READING Los rumores envenenan el funcionamiento de las empresas READING reir no cuesta trabajo

PS. If you like fancy fonts you may want to check out this link – I used the font in this link for headings in the “La Felicidad” PowerPoint and on some of the worksheets.


El fútbol femenino

futbol femeninoWith the exam period upon us and the World Cup around the corner, I thought I would put something together for a revision lesson on women’s football. The video in the 2nd slide is just for a bit of background and I don’t intend to spend time on it. Following the reading task I will ask the group to come up with some suggestions as to how women’s football can be promoted further.

POWERPOINT: El fútbol femenino    WORKSHEET: READING El fútbol femenino

Michelito – el torero más joven de México

Picture1Attached are resources I am soon to use to teach the topic of daily routine to my Year 9 group. I am trying to build the language up gradually to a more complex level where they can use context, gist, the dictionary, etc. to develop a higher level of comprehension. This is all tested through a video comprehension. I have talked about the Sharnbrook school Spanish videos before although I am now having trouble locating them on YouTube. Until I find them I have uploaded the one I have used in these resources. The video comprehension is followed by a reading exercise based on the daily routine of the Mexican child bullfighter Michelito. I have made this up myself making certain assumptions.

POWERPOINTRutina diaria  WORKSHEETS: LA RUTINA DIARIA wordgames sheet Michelito READING Mr Bean ordering cards Reading ENTREVISTAS rutinas diferentes Rutina diaria graded ws (thanks to Steve Ward) Rutina diaria QUESTIONS Sharnbrook video