GCSE Spanish Role Plays

Attached is a booklet I have made to help my students revise for the GCSE Spanish role play. It is for Foundation Level as this is what I am currently teaching to two groups. All of our students do a GCSE MFL and in these late stages we have settled on who should do Foundation. To help them, I have tried to break things down into chunks for them to learn the key vocabulary with Quizlet links to support – they seem to find these useful. There is a set of past paper role plays in the second half of the booklet. In practical terms, I have copied the booklet on A5 size to make it a bit more portable. I would be interested to hear any feedback on what people do to prepare students for the role play, in particular.

GCSE Foundation writing (AQA)

Attached is an updated booklet for the GCSE AQA Spanish writing exam at Foundation. With my groups I find that lots of use of mini whiteboards to practise extended writing, esp. the 90 task helps lots. Regular practice using methods such as delayed dictation or showing a model answer which they write it down once removed from display all help to develop their memory and embed more complex phrases.

If anyone has any great ideas on how to improve writing esp. on the 150 word tasks at Higher, please share!

GCSE Higher Level Writing (AQA)

Attached is a booklet I have put together guiding students through the requirements for the GCSE Higher Writing paper. It has been updated to take into account the advance information on the Spanish exam i.e. no topic of free time for the 90 and 150 word tasks at Higher Level. There have also been some further additions – idioms and in the translation section. I have not updated all of the 90 word tasks i.e. I have not removed the topic of free time, as I have mixed tier groups and the Foundation students will still need to cover free time. (I am confused by this, but perhaps I am missing the point – if anyone can help, please let me know). In the booklet I start with the 150 word task with the reasoning that if they can do this, the 90 word task will be easy! Let’s see.

UPDATED VERSION POSTED 19.2.22 – This is version 3. I keep on adding to it! The PDF download will incorporate some of the fonts which may not appear on all computers. Use the Word version if you want to edit the booklet yourself.

QUIZLET LINK: https://quizlet.com/gb/661978767/key-phrases-for-higher-level-writing-aqa-gcse-spanish-flash-cards/

GCSE AQA vocabulary Summer 2022

As we are being told that the exams in the summer 2022 will focus on the vocabulary listed in the specification along with words derived from these, we can work on getting al of our students to learn this language. The attached booklets are nothing special. They list the vocabulary as it is presented by the exam board AQA, but each section has a total and Excel spreadsheets are also attached which can be used to create Quizlets, etc. We are running competitions between groups and making pre-learning a large priority. I hope these may be of use.


I have put together some worksheets on suffixes and prefixes to help students work out patterns of words. It is aimed at GCSE students, but I guess that it can be adapted to pretty much any level. The worksheets can all be split into smaller units and dropped into lessons rather than covered all in one go.

Apologies for the multiple “f” in the file names!

GCSE Reading Comprehension

UPDATED APRIL 2023 – I have put two reading comprehension booklets together based on similar types of questions that have been appearing in the AQA GCSE exams. Skills are the key focus of the booklets, but it is good for students to experience different forms of questioning used in the exams. I have been working on a PowerPoint to accompany the Foundation version as I only have Foundation groups this year. This is saved in the same area below, but it is very much work in progress and will improve as I work through. Please note that all of the exercises in the booklets are taken from past papers and could include material you may could be using for assessments. You would need to remove those sections. Beware!

READING BOOKLETS: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1pOn6dFPXdQbpKQN5nANqcdc8cVRZUlng?usp=sharing

Los pronombres

My A level students often struggle with pronouns in Spanish – direct, indirect and prepositional. Although we have covered all of these and done practice work, I have made the attached guide to draw everything together. I thought that going through all of this in one go could be a bit much. Sometimes I see them losing the will! So, I have split it up with a speaking activity in the middle discussing the use of pronouns in the trans community. Seems relevant and provides some necessary speaking practice.

RESOURCE: GRAMMAR Guide to Spanish pronouns