For starters ….

FAKETEXTJust a quick post to share a link I love for starter activities. The website allows you to create fake iPhone text messages. As you can enter in the name of students, using one of these at the start of a lesson can really grab everyone’s attention. I have attached an example – a dull translation task really, but because I have used the name of one of the students in the group, they all read intently to find out what the message is saying, esp. the student whose name I have used.


Language Learning: teaching tips and creative lesson ideas

The-Guardian-logo1Join a panel of education experts to discuss online how we can help the state of languages in the UK catch up to other countries, Thursday 16 May, 6pm to 8pm:

We look forward to seeing you online on Thursday. We’ll kick off the discussion with a short introductory note and add a few general questions ourselves  during the discussion. So log-on just before 6pm and look out for new comments and questions. I’ll be there!!!!!!!!!!!!

A great link

el internadoJust a quick post to highlight a great blog from the US. Take a look at I love the stuff on El Internado which is a Spanish TV series you can watch on line at (you have to pay) or you can get the DVD from There are some episodes kicking about on YouTube as well. There are plenty of interesting ideas and resources on the blog as well as on a sister site called

MyRoe Spanish Corner – useful link

I like to use video for listening activities wherever possible although finding suitable material can be difficult.  The following link has short videos on a variety of GCSE topics – I presume that the YouTube site is linked to the University of Roehampton. I like the fact that they also provide transcripts of the extract below each video. Below is one extract I will be using in order to reinforce use of the conditional in Spanish.