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Franco y el bikini

I h1-1-bnd-bikini-5-cartelave been updating my resources in order to teach the topic of monarchy and dictatorship as part of the A level Spanish course. In doing so I came across a great worksheet on titled Franco y el bikini. I was unaware of this story and the short film made a few years ago. I have added this into the attached PowerPoint with some background videos although you will have to go to the spectrumspanish website and buy the worksheet yourself. It’s worth it! Hopefully the other activities on the PowerPoint are self-explanatory although I’m going to work on improving the look of the presentation over the summer.

POWERPOINT: La dictadura de Franco BLOG

El ‘spinner’, el nuevo juguete de moda en el patio del colegio

This activity is intended to stimulate talk in a lesson. Students are all talking about fidget spinners at the moment and justifying their use. I didn’t realise that so many of my students had attention problems, but there you go.  With the PowerPoint (posted below) I intend to use the first slide to raise awareness of Spanish being a world language + there is a hyperlink to TeleMundo Miami. As we are required to use authentic material as part of the new GCSE I’m trying to look at target language websites as much as possible. On slide 2 the Telemundo report video is difficult, but I will be adding my own commentary to break it down + I will be asking questions such as what the report is about, what the teachers in the report think of fidget spinners, etc. The 3rd slide could be written or spoken. With the 4th slide I want them to give their views on whether the spinners should be banned or not. There are key phrases I want my set 3 Year 10 students to use as part of this activity – “Estoy de acuerdo / No estoy de acuerdo” + I will be asking the students for their views. In my response I will use phrases such as “X dice que el spinner es una distracción. ¿Estás de acuerdo? [asking another student]”. I want to familiarise them with “X dice que …” as it will be useful for them to know and use throughout the course


Getting ready for Literature

I’ve been putting a lot of effort into getting ready to teach the literature element of the new A level. We are going with Como Agua Para Chocolate. In the build up to studying the novel I am going to do some background work on Mexico. The attached resources are the ones I have prepared. I’m not sure that I will use everything as I don’t want to spend too long on this. I will probably use some tasks for homework.

POWERPOINTMEXICO PowerPoint TRADICIONES MEXICO PowerPoint HISTORIA  MEXICO PowerPoint NEW  WORKSHEETS: México worksheet México worksheet HISTORIA La vida cotidiana de los Maya READING GAP FILL EXERCISE video LOS MAYAS Y LOS AZTECAS El Día de Muertos WORKSHEET READING + LISTENING READING Los de abajo MEXICAN REVOLUTION worksheet revolucion mexicana TEXT revolucion mexicana WORKSHEET

La LGBTfobia

Roja DirectaOne of the new topics at A level for languages is that of LGBT rights. There are, of course, resources in the new textbooks which have been produced, but I have created some additional materials. The attached PowerPoint and worksheets focus on homophobia in sports and football in particular. The case of Jesús Tomillero, Spain’s first openly gay referee, is highlighted as well as the rainbow laces campaign. The videos are embedded and should play when clicked.

POWERPOINTLos derechos de los gays y las personas transgénero  WORKSHEETSLa homofobia en el deporte WORKSHEET La homofobia en el deporte VIDEO WORKSHEET READING Sigo recibiendo amenazas cada día


The new Spanish A level

Like many others, I am spending a lot of time developing teaching resources, assessment materials and homework tasks for the new Spanish A level. We are following the AQA syllabus in my school. In developing the new course, I have been trying to give my group plenty of reading practice using the exercise types that appear in the exam e.g. gap fills, synonym search and translation into Spanish based on a text the students can read. Attached are three resources I have made based on recent news items from Spain. I am uploading them in Word so that anyone interested can do what I do and use the format for other texts. I am quite fond of the gap fill exercises as homework tasks given that they are easy to mark.

RESOURCES: GAP FILL EXERCISE la violencia de género GAP FILL EXERCISE navegantes en la red READING discoteca sin bragas

Uniforme escolar

uniforme-cubaAttached are resources linked to the topic area of education and in particular the increased use of uniform in Spanish schools. As usual, you just follow the PowerPoint and the necessary resources are attached below. With the many changes to the A level specifications here in England, this topic is one that exists in the AQA board in year 2 but may not be covered by others.

With so much change in language teaching I have not been updating the blog. The focus has been very much on getting things ready at school for the new GCSE and year 1 of the new A level course. Also I have recently gone back to using an old email address and was embarrassed to see a number of messages from months ago which never got a response. SORRY! Things have been hectic. Hopefully I will now be able to post more resources in line with the new courses as they develop.

I should also add that the video activity comes from a French website I found – and the text for the reading activities comes from an edition of 20 minutos from last week.

POWERPOINTuniforme-escolar   OTHER RESOURCESreading-vuelta-al-cole-con-mas-uniformes



7 de Julio San Fermín

cartel_sf_2016I’m not going to add much commentary here except to say that the resources below are for an A level Spanish taster lesson which I am doing tomorrow. I wanted to do it on San Fermín given that it is taking place this week + I would be able to show the encierro from the morning. The TVE link is excellent for showing this –

I am undoubtedly trying to pack too much in, but I may jump some activities. I’ll have to judge how it’s going.