La mujer en el mercado laboral

Here are some resources on the Spanish A level topic of women in the workplace. The resources reflect the type of exercises students have to do in the AQA A level reading. If you click on the heading you will be taken to the website as a prelude to the reading comprehension based on an interview with the founder of the website. You can also find an A level discussion card on the topic at the spanishandumbrellas website – click here.


ENTREVISTA con Graciela Atencio


GAP FILL EXERCISE la mujer en el mercado laboral

La mujer en el mercado laboral POWERPOINT

Las ciberamenazas dirigidas a los ‘eSports’ crecen

With the Spanish Year 12s I am trying to develop summary skills. We have done a lot of work on synonyms and rewording + most recently this was in relation to eSports and online fraud. The resources I made are attached. I showed just part of the video and paused as I repeated what had been said. After the summary we worked on a gap fill (an exercise type used in the AQA exam) + I wanted to draw their attention to how certain expressions like “Al + infinitive” are often used. This should all make sense when you look at the resources. Hope they are of use + any comments would be welcome. I’m never sure whether people use the resources!

RESOURCES: 1. La influencia de Internet Las ciberamenazas dirigidas a los ‘eSports’ READING full text Las ciberamenazas dirigidas a los ‘eSports’ READING

VOLVER – el color rojo

I am teaching the film VOLVER as part of the A level Spanish course. There are some great resources and I have relied on the ZigZag booklet as well as the Hodder Education book esp. as I had never taught this before. Attached are some resources I put together on the use of the colour red in the film. A number of the slides are adapted from other resources shared on blogs, etc. Thanks to all those people who share + do not charge money! The PowerPoint starts with a recap from my previous lesson on the theme of death, etc. The videos are adapted from ones I found on YouTube. They required a bit of editing down to make them useable. Hope the resources are of some use.


Franco y el bikini

I h1-1-bnd-bikini-5-cartelave been updating my resources in order to teach the topic of monarchy and dictatorship as part of the A level Spanish course. In doing so I came across a great worksheet on titled Franco y el bikini. I was unaware of this story and the short film made a few years ago. I have added this into the attached PowerPoint with some background videos although you will have to go to the spectrumspanish website and buy the worksheet yourself. It’s worth it! Hopefully the other activities on the PowerPoint are self-explanatory although I’m going to work on improving the look of the presentation over the summer.

POWERPOINT: La dictadura de Franco BLOG

El ‘spinner’, el nuevo juguete de moda en el patio del colegio

This activity is intended to stimulate talk in a lesson. Students are all talking about fidget spinners at the moment and justifying their use. I didn’t realise that so many of my students had attention problems, but there you go.  With the PowerPoint (posted below) I intend to use the first slide to raise awareness of Spanish being a world language + there is a hyperlink to TeleMundo Miami. As we are required to use authentic material as part of the new GCSE I’m trying to look at target language websites as much as possible. On slide 2 the Telemundo report video is difficult, but I will be adding my own commentary to break it down + I will be asking questions such as what the report is about, what the teachers in the report think of fidget spinners, etc. The 3rd slide could be written or spoken. With the 4th slide I want them to give their views on whether the spinners should be banned or not. There are key phrases I want my set 3 Year 10 students to use as part of this activity – “Estoy de acuerdo / No estoy de acuerdo” + I will be asking the students for their views. In my response I will use phrases such as “X dice que el spinner es una distracción. ¿Estás de acuerdo? [asking another student]”. I want to familiarise them with “X dice que …” as it will be useful for them to know and use throughout the course