About me

I have been teaching languages in London for a good few years now from Bromley to Greenwich to Wandsworth. Now I am in the East End. I have also worked as a Lead Practitioner for Languages for the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust through which I met many inspirational teachers of languages. I have also been lucky to be involved in the writing of some textbooks and I have contributed to online resources for Pearson.

I run courses and have spoken at many events over the years. Most recently I have spoken at events in London. Get in touch if you have any questions in relation to the delivery of CPD.

You will see that most of the things I post are in Spanish as this is what I teach – no French at all on my timetable. Hopefully, the ideas presented can be adapted in some cases to other languages.

I am really interested in creativity and incorporating cultural understanding into lessons as well as finding new contexts for presenting language.

A request to everyone using the resources posted – if you repost any of the material please acknowledge where you found it. THANKS!

FINALLY, if you need to get in touch with me, just write a comment on any of the posts + this will share your email with me and I will get back to you.