GCSE Foundation writing (AQA)

Attached is an updated booklet for the GCSE AQA Spanish writing exam at Foundation. With my groups I find that lots of use of mini whiteboards to practise extended writing, esp. the 90 task helps lots. Regular practice using methods such as delayed dictation or showing a model answer which they write it down once removed from display all help to develop their memory and embed more complex phrases.

If anyone has any great ideas on how to improve writing esp. on the 150 word tasks at Higher, please share!

GCSE AQA vocabulary Summer 2022

As we are being told that the exams in the summer 2022 will focus on the vocabulary listed in the specification along with words derived from these, we can work on getting al of our students to learn this language. The attached booklets are nothing special. They list the vocabulary as it is presented by the exam board AQA, but each section has a total and Excel spreadsheets are also attached which can be used to create Quizlets, etc. We are running competitions between groups and making pre-learning a large priority. I hope these may be of use.


I have put together some worksheets on suffixes and prefixes to help students work out patterns of words. It is aimed at GCSE students, but I guess that it can be adapted to pretty much any level. The worksheets can all be split into smaller units and dropped into lessons rather than covered all in one go.

Apologies for the multiple “f” in the file names!

Not my usual kind of post

I’ve always been very keen to share resources for free. Charging is something I am not keen on esp. as I don’t feel that’s the spirt we should have. Teachers should share with teachers. However, it appears that I have now reached the space limit on my blog and to upload more resources will mean an upgrade of my account which will cost quite a bit more. I have considered deleting lots of previous posts, but then I don’t really want to. While I have been happy to pay to keep the blog going to date, the next stage would be costly. So, I have decided that I am going to go the way I never wanted to and I am putting some resources for sale on the TES website to fund this work. Again, this is not what I wanted. If anyone out that has any clever ideas, please let me know.

I will post whatever I can on here to squeeze out the final bits of space left + start sharing as much as I can on the TES. My name on there is “sanferminuk”. I’m going to go for maximum resources for the lowest price! The poundland of TES resources.

PS. My old free stuff on the TES site is a bit rubbish. Well, some of it.

Las ciberamenazas dirigidas a los ‘eSports’ crecen

With the Spanish Year 12s I am trying to develop summary skills. We have done a lot of work on synonyms and rewording + most recently this was in relation to eSports and online fraud. The resources I made are attached. I showed just part of the video and paused as I repeated what had been said. After the summary we worked on a gap fill (an exercise type used in the AQA exam) + I wanted to draw their attention to how certain expressions like “Al + infinitive” are often used. This should all make sense when you look at the resources. Hope they are of use + any comments would be welcome. I’m never sure whether people use the resources!

RESOURCES: 1. La influencia de Internet Las ciberamenazas dirigidas a los ‘eSports’ READING full text Las ciberamenazas dirigidas a los ‘eSports’ READING

El veganismo

The attached resources are all linked to developing comprehension skills – GCSE Higher Level reading, in particular. The focus is on raising awareness of the different types of exercise that occur, albeit this can change from year to year although use of inference, distractors, synonyms etc. will always appear whatever the form the task takes. The context here is health and diet although the initial slides can be taken and used for anything esp. as we have moved away from topic based teaching to a more grammar and skills development approach. Hope these are of help + I’m hoping to get back to posting more resources this year which is something I really enjoy – time permitting!


GCSE listening skills

If you follow the AQA GCSE board, the following may be of use. I have put together similar exercises from all of the GCSE higher listening materials we have to date. There are some types of exercise that are repeated e.g. news item comprehension, past/present/future, inference, etc. I have grouped them together and I will be working through them soon with my group. Strategies like looking out for distractors are well known, but inference esp. answering when the words are not provided are more difficult and need some practice. The fact that similar exercise types have appeared in all papers so far is no guarantee that this will happen this summer, but the strategies in coping with distractors, tenses, inference, answering in the target language etc. will still be there.

When using the resources, the transcript part should be hidden. I’m getting the students to fold the paper.

RESOURCES: SKILLS types of listening questions  PowerPoint – COMPREHENSION skills LISTENING

Literary texts

Attached are a range of Spanish literary texts and exercises. They are all adapted from GCSE exam board materials or texts online. The techniques suggested are those provided by EdExcel.

KS4: Variety of literature READING LITERARY TEXT Higher Viaje a la Alcarria READING LITERARY TEXT Foundation Lecciones de poesía para niños inquietos READING LITERARY TEXT Higher Dime quién soy READING LITERARY TEXT Higher La ciudad de las bestias READING LITERARY TEXT Higher El tiempo entre costuras READING LITERARY TEXT Higher Yerma by Lorca READING LITERARY TEXT Foundation Historia de una maestra READING LITERARY TEXT Foundation La familia de Pascual Duarte READING LITERARY TEXT Foundation Las tres bodas de Manolita READING LITERARY TEXT Foundation Paula by Isabel Allende READING LITERARY TEXT Foundation Pobre Monolito by Elvira Lindo READING LITERARY TEXT Higher El árbol de la ciencia READING LITERARY TEXT Foundation Bodas de sangre READING LITERARY TEXT Foundation El caballero de Azor READING LITERARY TEXT Foundation Vida feliz de un joven llamado Esteban READING LITERARY TEXT Higher Tiempo de escarcha READING LITERARY TEXT Foundation El misterio de la llave READING LITERARY TEXT Higher La vida de Lazarillo de Tormes READING LITERARY TEXT Higher   KS3El sueño de Otto READING LITERARY TEXT Year 7 Persecución en Madrid READING LITERARY TEXT Year 7

Franco y el bikini

I h1-1-bnd-bikini-5-cartelave been updating my resources in order to teach the topic of monarchy and dictatorship as part of the A level Spanish course. In doing so I came across a great worksheet on www.spectrumspanish.com titled Franco y el bikini. I was unaware of this story and the short film made a few years ago. I have added this into the attached PowerPoint with some background videos although you will have to go to the spectrumspanish website and buy the worksheet yourself. It’s worth it! Hopefully the other activities on the PowerPoint are self-explanatory although I’m going to work on improving the look of the presentation over the summer.

POWERPOINT: La dictadura de Franco BLOG

GCSE exam style materials

I have made templates for certain exam-style activities which I am using across all topics.Practice-Tests-Questions-and-Answers I am trying to embed awareness of the new exam question types and an understanding of the assessment criteria. I’m posting a few examples which people may wish to adapt. All you have to do is replace the text / photo et voilá. We follow AQA in my school, so the exam criteria are specific to that exam board.