El teletrabajo

I am sharing a homework task I have just put together for my A level Spanish students. I am going back over some of the topic areas we have previously covered. Summary skills have been an area they have struggled with, so I have been using homework to give them frequent practice. Hope this is of use.

WORKSHEET: SUMMARY READING el teletrabajo ha llegado para quedarse

4 thoughts on “El teletrabajo

  1. I love your resources – thank you. Can I ask if there is a way to search them? I can’t see a search function anywhere.

  2. Thank you for these great resources. I’m an adult learning independently for fun and they are really useful to me. Thanks so much for taking the time to share them.

  3. Excellent resource for revision, as always! Thank you for sharing! You are so generous with your time and resources. This is even more appreciated in these difficult times of lock-down.

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