Translation into Spanish (A Level)

Thanks to a comment on the blog I have been reminded that I was going to post a booklet on translating from English into Spanish (A level AQA). As there is very limited space left on this blog, I have posted it on the TES site – for free. It is based on past paper translations as well as those from the specimen papers. The AQA way of dealing with translation into Spanish does require a bit of technique and practice esp. using the text provided successfully. Hope this is of use.


13 thoughts on “Translation into Spanish (A Level)

  1. Hi, I’ve found this resource very useful!! Do you by any chance have 2020 translations as the last ones in there are 2019?
    Would appreciate it!
    Thank you

      1. My school has still decided to go through with a levels since I’m an international and we are sitting them at the start of April. Not long left! I know it might take you time to edit the booklet and add it in. I would love the extra practice given there are not many new specification translations out there. Would it be possible for you to send me the translation personally in order to help maximise my grade for the 2021 exam? I think you can see my email. Many thanks.

  2. Thank you for all that you share. I have bought a few bits too! All of your material has been so helpful as this is just my second year of teaching A-level and I am really still finding my feet.
    Haven’t even had much chance to observe any 6 From lessons either so to be able to see what other teachers produce for this level is invaluable.
    i seem to remember you mentioned a translation booklet from Spanish into English (I have the English to Spanish) and just wondered if you had had a chance to put that on TES or share it here? Many thanks again.

      1. Hi. I was wondering if you had a full version of the 2020 paper so that I can use it to practice with my students. Thanks in advance!

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