El día sin coches (+ the subjunctive!)

Folleto01The overall aim of this piece of work is to get students to produce complex opinion phrases including use of the subjunctive. The context is the International Car Free Day held in September + the impact of car use on the environment. I start off with a video (Mañana se celebra el día sin coche en Irun – see below) which is just for context + I don’t intend to do more than ask for the key message. This leads to a discussion as to why we need such awareness days. The examples I give highlight the use of the subjunctive and from this I then go into its key uses. I eventually return to the Día sin Coches to get some opinions. I also ask them about other awareness days such as no smoking day, etc. The point is, of course, to generate opinions which include the subjunctive. This is all followed by a reading task and a prose transaltion as this appears in the summer examination and we need the practice. There always seems to be a subjunctive in there too!


POWERPOINT: http://www.slideshare.net/njones40/coche-en-casa-15584283

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One thought on “El día sin coches (+ the subjunctive!)

  1. I love your resources. You are so generous with your time; it must take you hours to produce such interesting resources! Thank you very much for sharing them with all of us.

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