La ley de memoria histórica

Picture1The resources attached to this post all relate to the impact of the Spanish Civil War on contemporary Spanish society. It starts of with a look at the film “Las 13 rosas” and an introduction to the “Ley de Memoria Histórica”. The relevance of the film becomes apparent in the video exercise relating to an incident when the film was shown in a Madrid cinema. This moves on to look at whether it is better to forget or remember the past. This has been the topic of a past essay question in the A2 examination. We also take a look at the debate over digging up the body of Federico Garcia Lorca. A number of the exercises here focus on translation into Spanish as this is a lesson for my AS group and this is a skill they will need for the exam next year.

RESOURCES:LA FOSA QUE LOS LORCA NO QUIEREN ABRIR   LA OPERACIÓN SE DESARROLLÓ ESTA MADRUGAD1   Las 13 rosas   Lorca READING Cinco familias recuperan 70 años después los restos de víctimas del franquismo   PRESENTATION: PPT1  PPT2

2 thoughts on “La ley de memoria histórica

  1. Hi Neil, I am teaching Las Trece Rosas to Y12. Your resource on this was very helpful. I’m finding it hard to find things…have you got anything else that you wouldn’t mind sharing?

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